Status: Alive
Birthplace: Macon Plantation
Residence(s): Macon Plantation (Formerly), The North (Currently)
Affiliation: Macon 7
Profession: House Slave (Formerly)
Father: Tom Macon
Mother: Ernestine
Sibling(s): Sam (Half-Brother), James
Significant other(s): Noah
Played by: Jurnee Smollett-Bell
Seasons: 1
First episode: "The Macon 7"
Last episode: "The White Whale"
Appears in: 1 series, 1 season

Rosalee is a major character in Underground.Quadroon


Behind the ScenesEdit



Season 1Edit

"Young, shy and sheltered away in the "big house" as a slave to the Macon family, Rosalee hasn't seen much beyond the edges of the plantation. She will soon discover another side of her that no one would have ever predicted...including herself."
Official description
she has a half bother named sam

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